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Raising Environmental Awareness at School
Green World

Our project offers a student-centered solution to raise environmental awareness.

The students will carry out various activities via environmental clubs established at all schools in the participant regions.

Our project contains the following tasks: arranging seminars and conferences, carrying out waste management campaigns, implementing recycling, organizing   tree-planting campaigns, organizing outdoor excursions, arranging a variety of competitions such as writing compositions, drawing, poetry,  photography, and creating placards and posters related to environmental issues. These competitions will result in awarding the winners, painting  the facades of schools, hosting a painting exhibition on the premises of the school, holding meetings and press conferences at the provincial level to raise awareness of the local people in the participant regions, carrying out surveys to evaluate the project outcomes and uploading the project outcomes on the project website.

The most important outcomes of the project are the regional partnerships and the environmental platforms in the participant regions. Environmental policy at the provincial level will be carried out via the environmental platforms in the participant regions and these platforms will provide sustainability of the project.

The project aims to ensure the participation of students, teachers and parents. Thus, the project contains an integrated approach towards the schools using an inclusive method.

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